Dress Code

                     TDC Dress Code       

Young Children’s classes:

M&M, KFK & Showcasers: Loose fitting clothing/leotards (any color)/ pink canvas ballet slippers (M & M: ballet slippers optional) Hair up and off face. No jewelry.
Petite Performer’s & Kindercombo: Black leotard; Body Wrappers Theatrical Pink tights; pink canvas ballet slippers, tan side buckle tap shoes (suggest to hold off on taps until Oct.)

Boys/Men: Black dance pants; White shirt; Black ballet slippers; Black jazz or tap oxfords.

Ballet/Pointe: Black leotard; Body Wrappers Theatrical Pink tights (no seams) Pink canvas Ballet slippers; Pink Pointe shoes; Hair in bun. No Jewelry, shorts, shirts, or pants.

Modern: Black unitard/leotard w/ Body Wrappers Footless jazzy tan or black; Bare feet; Hair up and off face, bun preferred No Jewelry, shorts, shirts, pants.

Tap: Black unitard/leotard w/Body Wrappers Jazzy Tan tights; Tan side buckle Tap Shoes. Hair up and off face. No jewelry.

Irish Step: Black leotard, unitard or Jazz pant; Black canvas ballet slippers; Body Wrappers Black Tights; Hair up & off face. No Jewelry.

Jazz: Black unitard/leotard or Black jazz pant with fitted dancer shirt w/Body Wrappers Jazzy Tan tights or Black tights; Tan Jazz Slip-on Boot for 

Jazz I-IV: (Black Jazz slip-on Boot for Teen Jazz & Level IV/V; unless otherwise noted by teacher); Hair up and off face. No jewelry or baggy clothes.

Musical Theater: Same as traditional jazz attire; Adv class black Character shoes.

Hippity-Hop: Jazz attire; Black Hip-Hop sneaker or black Jazz Slip-on Boot if sneakers do not come in size, Hair up and off face. No jewelry.

Hip-Hop: Loose fitting dance clothes; Black Hip-Hop sneakers; Hair up and off face. No jewelry.

CreateAbilities: Black Leotard/loose fitted clothing, Pink Canvas ballet slippers/tan side buckle tap shoes (if required)

                   TDC SHOE LIST BY CLASS

KFK/SHOWCASERS Pink Canvas Ballet Slippers

Petite Performers/Kinder combo
Ballet & Jazz – Pink Canvas Ballet Slippers
Tap – Tan Side Buckle Tap shoes (suggested to hold off to purchase until Oct)

Ballet I/II and (Combo) thru Advanced - Pink Canvas Ballet Slippers

CreateAbilities – Pink Canvas Ballet Slippers/Tan side buckle Tap shoes (if required)


Jazz I/II/III/IV;Tween/Teen

Tan Jazz Slip on Boot

Teen Jazz

Black Jazz Slip-on Boot

Co. Jazz/ Tr. Co. Jazz

Black slip-on Boot/Black character shoe


 As Individually fitted


Tap/Musical Theater

Tan Side Buckle Tap Shoes


Tan Side Buckle Tap Shoes

Tap Int. /Adv.

Tan Jazz Oxford (Lace-up)/Tan Character TBD


No Shoes

Musical Theater

Musical Theater/Tap (Open)

Tan Side Buckle Tap shoes

Musical Theater (Company)

Black Character Shoe/ or Black Jazz Slip-on Boot

Hip Hop


Black Hip Hop Sneaker/Blk Jazz Boot(if sizing issue)


Black Hip Hop Sneakers

Tween/Teen Hip Hop

Black Hip Hop Sneakers

Boys FBO

Black Hip Hop Sneakers

Hip Hop Crew

Black Hip Hop Sneakers

Irish Step

Black Canvas Ballet Slippers


Mommy & Me, Kicks for Kids, Showcasers any tights

PP – Ballet III/IV Bodywrappers Footed Ballet Tights (Theatrical Pink) - Style #C-80 Child / #A-80 Adult

Int/Adv. Ballet Bodywrappers Convertible Tights (Theatrical Pink) - #C-39 Child/ #A-39 Adult

Jazz Bodywrappers Footed (Jazzy Tan) - Style #C-80 Child / #A-80 Adult  or Black Fishnets No Seams - (if required)

Tap and Tap Musical Theater Bodywrappers Footed (Jazzy Tan) - Style #C-80 Child /A-80 Adult
Black Fishnets – no seems (if required) Tan Fishnets-no seems (if required)

Modern: Bodywrappers (Black, Jazzy Tan) Footless Tights - Style #C-33 Child / #A-33 Adult                       

Hip Hop: Bodywrappers Footed Jazzy Tan Tights-Style #C-80 Child / #A-80 Adult

Irish Step: Bodywrappers Footed Black Tights – Style #C-80 Child/ #A-80 Adult

*No oversized shirts, cover-ups, or Pajama bottoms
*No jewelry
*Hair must be pulled back and securely fastened. (Buns must be fastened with elastic band, hair net, & hair pins; Pony tails fastened with elastic band; Bangs must be out of face)

Please Note: Every student must come to class well groomed, clean and dressed to participate in dance as per the TDC dress code. An extremely important part of the nature and discipline of dance is the dress code. Students who come to the studio without the proper attire or appropriate hairstyle will not be permitted to take class. 

Thank you for being good role models for your children and respecting the art of dance!

~TDC Staff

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