Class Descriptions

I. NON-RECITAL CLASSES -Young Children's Classes 

Mommy & Me – A children’s program for 1-2 year olds, which emphasizes the interaction between child & mother, child & peers, & child and the arts through the use of movement, music, props & the imagination. Gross motor skills are presented to the children and preparation for the transition of parent / child separation is recognized to help enable a smooth transition into Kicks for Kids.

Kicks for Kids - A program for 2 - 3 1/2 year olds. Along with using musical instruments, creative movement, songs, and imagination, this program also develops gross motor skills. It offers first dance experience without Mom or Dad. It emphasizes coordination, balance, and a first time independent classroom experience.

Showcasers - A program for students 3-3 1/2 yrs who have completed the KFK (Kicks for Kids) program but is not age appropriate for the next level of PP (Petite Performers). Showcasers will run in sessions and be structured similar to our PP program. The student will learn Ballet, Jazz, & Musical Theater and then showcase their learning's at the end of the session at an informal showing in the studios. Costumes will be provided for Showcase by TDC.


Petite Performers - A program for 2-4 & 3-5 year olds offering mini courses in ballet, jazz, and tap. It introduces the child to three styles of dance without specializing in any particular dance form. Use of dance props, songs, and dance drama complete this special program.

KinderCombo (5-7 yrs) - A program for kindergarteners & 1st graders between 5 -7 years old. Often taken after the successful completion of our Petite Performers course to further children's technique in Ballet, Jazz, Musical Theater, and Tap.

Kidz Bop (5-8yrs) & Hip-Hop(6-10yrs)- Movement derived from the West Coast with a touch of technique as seen by artists on Disney & other kid stations.

Bollywood/Jazz Funk –This course will explore the traditional Bollywood dance with a mixture of Jazz Funk & performance.

Jazz - The basic technique combining a creative contemporary style of today's moves with Broadway & Fosse's level of discipline & strength.

CreateAbilities (A Special Needs Program)- A 45 minute weekly program for Children with Special Needs, exploring with props, music, movement , & creativity.

Ballet – Classical ballet is the foundation for all the dance arts. It provides technique, discipline, and grace. Today’s Dance Center encourages the study of ballet for a strong technical foundation.

Hip-Hop (9-12yrs & Teen) - A combination of free style, hip hop, and jazz movement based on cardiovascular, rhythmic expression of self & music.

Acro –This course will explore the traditional 1st level along with dance technique and stage presence. 

Musical Theater/Tap – This course will explore hybrid forms of dance found on the Broadway stage, in movies, and/or on television. Usually combines elements of jazz & ethnic dance with an emphasis on Tap. 

Adult Ballet – An adult level ballet class that emphasizes technique, strength, balance, & flexibility through the use of body resistance and strengthening.

Ballroom – This course will explore the basic ballroom steps both standard and Latin. Emphasis will be placed on follow and lead techniques, proper footwork and positions, and how to identify the different types.

Ballet – Classical ballet is the foundation for all the dance arts. It provides technique, discipline, and grace. Today’s Dance Center encourages the study of ballet for a strong technical beginning.

Pointe – For those advanced students who wish to pursue further development of their ballet technique. Pointe training is never permitted without the proper basic technique, strength, and permission of the instructor and/or pediatrician.

Partnering – For the advanced ballet student. This course offers opportunity for students to explore the pas de deux.

Variations – This course will explore original variations of classical ballet offering solo, duets, and trios to our advanced level ballet students.

Character – For the more advanced ballet student. This course will present original folk dance or dance based on movements associated with particular professions, trades, or modes of living.

Modern - This technique is for the students who have studied ballet for at least two years. Our program explores traditional modern styles as well as theme and variation, improvisation, and choreography.

Jumps, Leaps, & Turns -A specialized course focusing in on the correct technique of jumps, leaps, & turns.

Contemporary - This course is for the more advanced student who has trained in classical ballet, modern, & jazz which includes but not limited to contract-release, floor work, fall and recovery, and improvisation.

Tap - A mix of the traditional rhythmic foot-work with a touch of Broadway style tap exploring Broadway musicals.

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