Faculty& Staff

Registration Procedure:

1. View Class Schedule. Options will be appropriate age of class or see your child's teacher regarding class placement. (Please note: Students do not move up to next level every year. Often teacher progresses group together unless student demonstrates outstanding ability in which case, teacher will have addressed with the student & parent)

2. Register child through on-line portal using your email address to access or set up your child's account. 

3. The order in which we receive your child or family’s completed registration information (as stated above) will determine the order in which your child(ren) are placed in their 1st choice class(es) & the order in which you will get to choose your tickets for our annual spring recital. Numbers will be assigned to each family as you complete TDC’s registration requirements. (*Please include a completed & signed fall registration form, first quarter's tuition, & our annual registration fee.*)  

Thank you in advance for your interest in Today’s Dance Center!

~Fondly, TDC Staff

TDC Office Hours 

Monday-Thursday 4-9pm /Wednesday  9:30-12:30pm/Friday -Sunday CLOSED

Today's Dance Center

175 Route 70 Sharps Run Plaza,

Medford, NJ 08055

Phone. (609)953-0253

Email. todaysdancecenter1@gmail.com